1. Where do I begin with planning my wedding flowers?

Firstly, congrats on getting engaged! Once you’ve chosen your date you can flick me an email at hello@prettywildfloral.com and let me know what you’re thinking. We can meet up if you’re in the BOP or we can Skype call to discuss the vibe and look that you’re after. If you’re overwhelmed and stuck for ideas, don’t worry.. this is my job and I’d love to come up with an epic plan for you. Keep your eyes peeled for things that you love and colours you think you might like and we can go from there.

2. Where do the flowers come from?

I love to support local when I can so most of what I use is sourced from local growers and then some specific things I get shipped down from the Auckland Flower Markets. I prefer to use what’s in season and can be sourced locally in my arrangements.

3. Why are flowers so expensive?

Flowers are a fragile and perishable product that take time and a lot of care to grow. Their availability can depend on the weather and growing conditions and also the demand. Typically most weddings happen in Summer time so as the demand increases so does the price. There are many hours involved in growing flowers and by paying a fair price for them we honour the growers time and hard work.

4. What are some tips for choosing flowers for my wedding?

Have an overall look in mind, choose a vibe you’re wanting to achieve and let the florist work their magic! There are no guarantees about getting the exact type of flowers you want so it’s safer to go with a colour palette and trust that what you get on the day will compliment the look you’re after.

5. How can I create the wedding of my dreams?

Be you! Dare to be different and choose what you love. My favourite weddings I’ve been a part of are the ones that express the creativity and personalities of the couple. If you love dessert, go all out and make that a focal point. If you love music, play it loud! If you love pizza, have pizza! It’s your day, so make it as fun as possible!

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